Thursday, July 29, 2010


So, last night did not turn out as we had hoped it would. With just three subs, we were missing a couple key players that might have made a difference. The game started out even enough and I think we exchanges two goals apiece. After that, though, we broke down for a bit and surrendered a bigger lead, maybe two or three goals.

Down a few goals at halftime, we still felt confident that we could win the game. They were playing as physical as ever and the refs, for the most part, were calling a pretty even game. Starting in the second half the physicality picked up a bit. They became a little more arrogant and talked some trash to go along with the hacks.

I finally lost my cool with about seven minutes remaining. After asking the ref to watch the big oaf in the red shorts as he inevitably throws a cheap shot after every challenge. Two of those instances later (with no ref intervention), I popped back up and gave the guy a shove. Stupid. Blue card and two minutes in the box.

While in the box, I was subjected to more trash talking by the same guy as well as several others on their team. I was fuming, but decided not to check back into the game after my penalty - mainly because no one wanted out and we were down 10-5 with a couple minutes left in the game.

Once the game ended, I grabbed my bag and headed for the stands. As I approached the door to leave the field, I hear the same big oaf call from behind.

"Hey, kneebrace!" Oh, great. What now? I turn to him to see what else he's got.

"Got something to say now?!" he asks. I don't so I tell him to calm down and let it go. As I turn back to leave, he rushed forward and pushed me in the back. Are you serious?

I was furious. I turned back to him (who would most definitely kill me in a fight) and several people rushed in to break anything up. But that lead to more pushing, shoving, and trash talking by the two teams. One guy was whining that I was pushing all game. Right, because only our team was playing dirty...

My problem with that comment is that both teams are dirty each and every time we play each other. So for one guy to start whining about us playing dirty fires me up. Granted this is the same guy he got in Rich's face saying, "Yeah b----, I b----ed you all game, b----!" Right.
Anyways, this game fired me up and hopefully next time a.) we can finally beat them as that is the only way to shut them up, and b.) I won't get beat up by the big guy in the red shorts. I hate him.

That's all for now. Next game is outdoor on Sunday.

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