Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gameday Preparation

Tonight is the highly anticipated match-up against hated rivals, Curb Stomp.

Earlier in the week, we sent out the email to get a head count for tonight and it's looking like we should have a good number. Along with the head count, we had several people offering up some tactical suggestions. That's how you know it's a big game.

How am I preparing today? Good question. Thus far, I have come into work and prepared a large cup of coffee, which was used to wash down the pepperoni & cheese kolaches I ate for breakfast. I have yet to drink any water, but might shut down a couple glasses by day's end. For lunch, I'm envisioning something along the lines of Jack in the Box or Chipotle.

Just though I'd let you in on my secret to preparing for a big game. No hydration and heavy, greasy food. Just another day in the life of an amateur adult league soccer player.

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