Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don't call it a comeback!

Last night's game was a good one. We were playing a team call Lions, which sounded familiar but I didn't really recognize any of the players. Saying we started out slow would be an understatement.

We had a good group of players and a solid keeper but we just weren't really playing soccer to start the game and found ourselves in a 4-0 hole at halftime. The best word to describe the first half is embarrassing. After an inspiring pep talk from Ace, we decided to come out and play like we usually do - with structure, passing and finishing. Although 4 goals is a lot to come back from, we were determined.

Out of the gates, we earned a few quick free kicks. No goals. Finally about 2 minutes into the half, we broke the ice. I don't remember how most of our goals were scored, but once that first one went in, we were in better shape. The score quickly started to tilt in our direction. They scored 1 goal in the first part of the half to our 7. With the score at 7-5, the game got interesting.

We went into a defensive shell, but still conceded another goal. 7-6 with about 2 minutes remaining. That's when tempers started rising. Their biggest punk had the ball at midfield and Ace went for an ambitious tackle, coming up with mostly leg. The punk retaliated but getting in Ace's face, calling him a "flop." When Ace stood up, he shoved him in the chest. Looking to get into the action I ran over to get in his face, and he shoved me. Then Rich came over and also got shoved. Red card. As the punk was backing towards his bench, he counted us out, "one, two, three, four...I'll take all of you!" Simultaneously, he held his hands above his head, forming a diamond with his hands signifying that all four of us are, indeed, pussies. 

The bickering went back and forth and another red card was shown to someone on their bench. Above five minutes later, the clock was reset to 1:14 and they had a free kick, down a man. We held on to our lead, almost adding to it toward the end.

Once the game ended, the punk who challenged four of us to a fight came over to apologize for his actions. Our keeper put it best, "It's funny how many people playing sports will shoot their mouths off and challenge the world to a fight. Those people would never act like that in a bar or in public."

Sadly, I am one of those people.

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  1. I feel like I was really there! I need to come watch another game I still haven't seen a fight. (I'll fight the wife/gf while you fight the player). P.S. I like the photo.